Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fatal Vision Goggles

As part of Honors Seminar, the students were given opportunities to try out the Fatal Vision Goggles or "drunk goggles" that belong to the SAU Tech Police.  Officer Criss gave a presentation about the dangers and consequences of impaired driving. 

Then the students had the chance to perform tests similar to field sobriety tests, like the walk and turn test, while wearing the goggles.  The goggles simulate the impairment that occurs when someone drives while intoxicated.

 Keyonte realized how hard it is to even find the line!  Thankfully, there were tables to lean on when someone was wearing the really strong goggles!

Christina and NaCenya put the goggles on, had to take a marker from Officer Criss (which was harder than it sounds), and draw an X in the middle of the smallest circle. They had less trouble drawing the X than they did actually taking the marker from Officer Criss.  It apparently looked like it was WAY to the side!

While it was a fun demonstration, it certainly showed how just a few drinks can make simple tasks challenging and even dangerous.

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