Monday, September 15, 2014

Getting to know you.....

The fall 2014 semester is in full gear, and the Honors students are all amazing me! It is so fun to see the faces of the returning students and to get to know the new Honors students.  I have been amused to see the differences in this years' Honors Seminar and last because of the differences in personality. This is fun!!

We have done a couple of things this year to help everyone get to know each other.  The two groups blended for a pizza lunch recently.  It was the first real opportunity for the new and returning students to meet. I think it was a great time with food, fellowship, and a lot of noise!!
Ask Ronald Nance Jr about the balloon!!  It has a name!

Two of the Jessica's! They are such sweethearts!
Then, we met up for a bowling party on Saturday night.  The students were encouraged to bring their families for an evening of fun!  I really enjoyed getting to know some of the families and time spent with some little ones.  We had chips and cheese dip, meatballs, chocolate chip cookie bars, and mocha brownies (that I still think tasted like coffee).  Just like last year, a few people forgot socks.  But, this year, they just decided not to bowl. I think I should invest in extra socks for the next bowling party!  It was a great opportunity to get to know these students outside the classroom and for the new and returning students to get more familiar with one another!

Keyonte doesn't look too happy with his score!

Someone said something that was funny to the Sanders' girls....wonder what in the world was so funny!?

Honors' sisters, Jessica and Christina, brought Jessica's husband and sweet baby girl, Aubree!  

Taylor and Anna took turns with Addison so that Anna could bowl!  Tag team at it's best!

Jaxxon wanted to bowl with Jessica and Mikey too!  
And we have to keep that sweet little guy happy :)

More pics of future SAU Tech Honors students! 

After several months of planning, the Honors study lounge is now open for business! And the students have been using it!  I went to take pictures and found 3 students in it! It includes a computer, seating area, and snack center (complete with a Keurig)!  I'm so thankful for the generosity of Mr. Gunnels to provide this space!

The students named the tree "Fred the Ficus"

We are going to have a great year!  Plans are already being made for our next activity, so stay tuned!

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