Thursday, December 3, 2015

This I Believe--Alyssa

The Power of Perspective

          I believe perspective can be rather important when faced with difficult situations.  I have been through many different seasons of life, good and bad.  At the time, that was exactly how I labeled them, good and bad.  Yet when I look back at those game changing moments, I try looking at them in another way.  By doing this, I go back and “re-label” those situations. 

          For example, I recently went through a situation in which I had finally become friends with and eventually the girlfriend of the guy that I had like for three years.  I was ecstatic, and I went on many memorable adventures with him and his friends.  It was a season that I labeled as “good”.  Then there were some trying times in our relationship, and he broke off the relationship.  Though he did it in a kind way, I was devastated.  My best friend began to ignore me, and the other friends I had come to know slightly began avoiding me.  This I labeled as a “bad” season.

          As I went through the months after that, I began looking back and realizing a few things.  I thought about how much I had changed, and how I was not as afraid to be myself.  This was a good thing about the relationship, but then I started pointing out other things.  First, I had compromised college for him.  I had planned on going to a ministry school since seventh grade, and took a totally different direction from that.  Second, I feel like I became more critical.  He and his friends could be rather critical, and unfortunately, I picked up the habit.  Lastly, because I am a Christian, I believe that my walk with God was not as strong.  I put the relationship with my boyfriend as priority over Him.  Looking at it from that perspective, I cannot simply label that as a good season.  Sure it was enjoyable, but I had to put a different label on it.

          So with the break up that I initially labeled as “bad,” I can now go back and see the good in it.  I again decided to go to ministry school beginning in January.  Sure I might not have gone to ministry school right away, but I had the opportunity to further my education.  I now have the opportunity to continue with my college education, and pursue my dreams.  I was also able to make friends at college, and I know that I will make more when I go off to ministry school.  To top that all off, my walk with God became strong again, and I feel blessed to be close to the Lord again.  It is now hard for me to label this season as bad after realizing all of that.

         So, with all of that said, I realized that perspective is powerful.  It has the power to change minds and situations.  It can teach us important lessons that can strengthen and empower us.  So, before you decide if the glass is half empty or half full, or look at a situation for what it seems to be, remember, perspective is key.


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