Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chancellor paper--B. Scharbor

         In my opinion, a chancellor is pretty much the principal of a college. There aren't disciplinary aspects in college such as detention and in school suspension like there is in grade school, but like a principal, they take care of other problems in the school. From my experience being the school ambassador, I've been able to sit down with our chancellor and explain the problems that are going on in our school. If I had the chance to be chancellor, there are some things I would change such as WiFi here on campus, better prices in the cafeteria, and having more activities to keep our students more active, healthy and in shape.
            I’m in my second half of my first semester here at SAU Tech and the WiFi reception is terrible. From what I've heard, because I don’t live on campus, it’s been a problem for a while. Being chancellor I would have to invest in a totally new WiFi service and make it where it can reach all over campus. In some parts of campus the service isn't good. Also on the weekends when there isn't access to computers, the on campus dorms have no service.  How are students supposed to get homework done? So as chancellor, that would be on my list of top things to fix.
            Another issue I've noticed are the prices for the food in the cafeteria.  I know for myself I can’t afford to buy that expensive of a lunch every day. Even the meal plans aren't very accommodating.  It’s hard for a full time college student to maintain a job during the school year. The little money they do some how come up with can’t go strictly to cafeteria food because of the high prices. The cafeteria is only open for lunch, and they feed not only students but also a lot of the workers in East Camden such as workers from Lockheed Martin and Highland. As chancellor, my idea would be to give a 10-20 percent discount for students only. With as many teachers and workers that come to SAU Tech’s café, there should not be any money lost.
            Along with WiFi and better prices for our cafeteria, staying healthy is a huge problem in our nation and definitely on college campuses.  Obesity and unhealthy habits are starting at a much younger age now. Being a two year college, we don’t have real team sports such as softball, basketball, football and volleyball. Athletic programs at larger schools are a big way for athletes to stay active and healthy. We have flag football and play night Frisbee maybe once or twice a semester but that isn't enough. We also have the activity center with a weight room and basketball court, but I know how hard it is to make myself get up and work out. However, as a chancellor, I would provide a more variety of things that may appeal to the students and make them want to get active. For example, Zumba is a very fun way to stay in shape along with yoga. Those may appeal more to the girls, but if we could have boxing classes or a par core team. One that would be great for boys and girls is a self defense class. Not only does it keep you active and in shape, but in today's world and how high the violence rates are, it could make a lot of more people feel comfortable.

            Being chancellor can’t be an easy job by any means. I’m aware that there are a lot of problems and some fall short as being a priority, but when college is about the students, these are some things I would have on my top list of things to do as a chancellor. With how much school costs, school has to appeal to the students so we can have more people going to college and getting jobs. WiFi, better café prices for students, and more things to stay healthy are some ways to make our school more appealing. 

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