Monday, November 3, 2014

Chancellor Paper--N. Boer

There are not very many issues that I have with SAU Tech. I have no issues with the teachers or other staff and I do not have any serious issues with the campus itself. So there is not a drawn out list of things that I would change. There are a few things though. If I were chancellor I would add foreign language classes, have someone fix the Wi-Fi, and improve the selection in the library.
One of the reasons students attend a two year colleges is to complete the basic requirements need for a bachelor degree. SAU Tech offers most of the classes that are important to the first two years of the degree plan. It used to be that foreign language was just a recommendation depending on the degree that one was seeking. Now many degrees call for at least a first year language.  For some degrees the student may need to take several classes in a foreign language. For example, most history majors, depending on the school, need anywhere from six hours (SAU Magnolia) to fourteen hours (Texas A & M). So, those who are starting out at SAU Tech will be behind when it comes to the foreign language requirements for their degree. Six hours is a year behind, and fourteen hours is about two years behind. And if the history student wants to go on to get a master’s degree, they should be proficient in at least one language; proficient knowledge of two languages is needed, if they should choose to go on, further to a PhD.  Not being able to start taking language class now can really put one behind in their studies. If I were Chancellor I would make sure that there were foreign language classes available for the students to take. If it was an issue of cost I would figure out a way to make it possible.
            If I were chancellor I would have someone look into the issues with the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi in most buildings works well but in some buildings, like the Tech building, the connection is not the greatest and does not always work. This can be inconvenient and causes people to complain. So, if I was Chancellor I would have someone come up with different solutions. Then I would go through the different solutions and decide which would be the best option. Then I would have someone fix the problems.
            Lastly, if I were Chancellor I would look at improving the selection in the library. Now I realize the SAU Tech is a small college and therefore does not need a huge library. The library has excellent online sources and a number and variety of nonfiction. But the fiction in my opinion is lacking some. There is not much to choose from. And while I personally find it cool that some of the books are from the ‘50s many of those books look unappealing. So, if I were Chancellor I would find some funds to buy a few more books both fiction and nonfiction. That way, there are more available options for students to choose from.

If I were chancellor, the most important thing that I would change is the availability of foreign language classes. The other things that I would look in to improving are the Wi-Fi and a few improvements to the selection of books in the library. Other than those issues as of now there is not really anything else that I would change if I was Chancellor.

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