Thursday, January 22, 2015

Festival of Stars

Honors students enrolled in the fall 2014 Honors Seminar class chose the Arkansas Children's Hospital "Festival of Stars" as their service project.  "Festival of Stars" is a toy drive that enables parents to "shop" for their child who is hospitalized at Christmas.  There is a personal connection for many of the Honors students to ACH, so this was a project they took to heart.  Throughout the semester, the students accepted donations of toys and cash.  On December 12, the students who were able took a trip to ACH to deliver toys.  On the way, we stopped at Walmart in Sheridan to purchase additional toys with the funds that had been raised.  The students worked hard at making their money go as far as possible while still staying within budget and choosing items from the list supplied by ACH.

There was quite a bit to unload and deliver!

Anna Dunn (and Addi), Nicole Boer, Marcus Copeland, Jessica Flannigan, Talon Gray, Holli Brown
After unloading and placing the items in the donation bin, we were invited in for hot chocolate and a time to visit.

Then, we ate lunch together at the Purple Cow.  As usual, Anna's daughter, Addi, was the star of the show!  She finally warmed up to Marcus during lunch!

In recognition of the donations, the Honors Program received a nice certificate from Arkansas Children's Hospital.  More information is available on the "Festival of Stars" on the Arkansas Children's Hospital website.

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