Monday, October 14, 2013

Akis-Davis, Keyonte

I have quite a few things that I want to accomplish before I die. There are so many that it is hard just to choose three to write about. One of the biggest things that I want to do somehow obtain a large multi-level warehouse and have a paintball free for all with a bunch of my friends. Another thing on my bucket list is to ride a motorcycle across the country just to see the sights. The third thing that I want to do is to block for at least one series in an NFL football game.

                First off is the gigantic paintball match. I have never played paintball in my life, I have played laser tag but that is a completely different game. The large multi-level building is necessary because all the high places in the building could provide perfect hiding places for all of the sneaky people looking for someone to hide and snipe people. A large number of people are needed to make the match more fun, not to mention the fact that it makes hiding harder. The only thing that could ruin the game would be if someone had the idea to freeze their paintballs before loading them into their gun. A frozen paintball can and will leave an ugly bruise on your skin.

                Next on my list is to ride a motorcycle across the country to sight see. For no reason at all I have always wanted to ride a motorcycle, and riding one across the country just seems like the proper way to do it. Driving motorcycles is not too far out of my reach, but I have a fear of losing control and hurting myself really bad. I know that taking a cross country trip is not the best idea, but it seems like it would be fun to ride off with just money, a bike, and your thoughts. One of the bad things that could happen would be to get into a bad wreck, but that is the extreme. A lesser thing that could happen would be for my legs to get sore from riding for a prolonged time.

                The third item on my list is to block for a series in an NFL game. I love playing football, and playing in the NFL is the biggest step that I could make. If I blocked in an NFL game, I would be able to feel the stress and adrenaline that the pros feel when they step foot onto the field. Even though I have no experience outside of high school football, it still seems like it would be fun. I would not care which team I got put on, as long as I could suit up and play with them.

                These three things from my bucket list are a few of the more rational ones that I could think of. A few of the irrational ones would be things like playing basketball on the moon, or driving that skateboarding car that I saw on MTV. The paintball competition is about the most normal and obtainable one of the three. The motorcycling across America would be second, and the most irrational of the three is playing in an NFL game. My bucket list has much more on it which is what made it hard to limit it to three things

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