Monday, October 7, 2013

Hogan, NaCenya

        Have you ever thought about the things you would like to do before you die? It is called your bucket list. The things on my bucket list include becoming a nurse, going to Washington D.C, and building my own home.

            Becoming a nurse is on my bucket list because it is something I am working toward as of now. Just because I am in school for it doesn’t always mean that is what will happen to me. But I am determined to do it, so to accomplish that will mean a lot. I also want to be able to depend on myself if need be and be able to take care of the people around me. I also have this on my list because I want to be able to say that I have changed people’s lives. Not all people can say that they have done that, and being a nurse is a way to be close and personal.

            Whenever I get married, and before I start a family, I want to travel. One of the places I would like to go to is Washington D.C. This is on my list because I have not been to a place as historical as this. I want to be able to take tours of the White House, visit museums, and even meet President Obama, (or whoever is in office). I want to dine with the President and be his/her special guest because of a good deed or a cure I have helped a doctor find. I want to be on the news standing right next to my husband and the President. Being recognized by the President in Washington D.C will be amazing.

            The last thing on my list is building my own home. When I start a family I want a big one, one with a husband and six kids. Most homes are not made for at least nine rooms (seven for the kids and I, and two for guest), at least five bathrooms, and a gigantic kitchen and living room. You may be able to find it separate but not together, so this is a major thing on my list. Not only do I want to build my own to fit a big family, I want to do it because I will be able to call it my own. I wouldn’t have to owe anybody anything except utilities. I also want to have something to keep in the family that the family could actually say was built by us. Not everybody can say that.

            The things on my list may not seem extravagant but these are things that I would like to say I did before I died. I may or may not be able to accomplish my bucket list but it’s mine. To say that I am a nurse, traveled to Washington D.C, and built my own home will be a dream that I can hope to see.

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