Monday, November 30, 2015

This I Believe--BrieAnn

            If there is one thing that I believe to be true it is that family should be the most important aspect in your life, aside from religious beliefs.
I have found that a family person has always seemed to be happier with life, or maybe they just seemed to enjoy it a little more. Your family will always be there to support you and have your back when nobody else does. If everyone held their families close to them and every family was close, then I feel like people would be happier with their life. Sure there would probably still be “family drama” and such, but it probably would not be as bad as if families were not close.
Your family should be the people that you can always count on and call up anytime you are in need. To me family is not always who you are “blood kin” to either, family can mean many different things; I consider my really close and true friends to be apart of my family.
The older I get the more I realize that family really is forever. The worse this world gets the more I begin to tell myself that you should hold your loved ones close, even closer than ever before. The love that your family has for you, is a love that you can not get from anyone nor any other thing in this world; it is one of a kind.
When my grandparents were growing up the world was a whole different place, which of course it was right? Because things are always changing and nothing stays the same. My grandparents talk about their family and how it was growing up, and I just think “man I wish I had that, I wish things were how they use to be.” Of course I am close to my “immediate family” as we call it, but half of my family I barely even know if I know them at all which to me, is sad.

I just believe that newer generations should make a difference, change the way things have become, make sure your kids know their family, make sure it is close. At least try your best to.

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