Monday, November 30, 2015

This I Believe--KJ

      In my 18 years of experience in life, I’ve come to realize that it’s all in the music. Now I know, that probably doesn’t make sense right now, but it will in the end. Every step you take makes a sound, and those steps take you on a journey. Your steps are in rhythm, just like the beat of a drum. The ambiance of your breath, the reverb of your voice, all come together to make the song of life. Not just life in general, but your life, one that will never be duplicated, it’s as if you have your own personal copyrights.
            Just like your every step makes a sound, your every decision sends out a sound wave into the universe. Just like your voice echoes off into the distance, causing the action of hearing to happen within another’s ears, the same thing happens with the choices we make in life. There is always somebody who looks up to you and watches your every mood. May it be a younger cousin, baby brother, or sister, or maybe just a kid in your community? They see the things you do and try to imitate. Therefore if all you do is send off waves of negative behavior, that’s what they will pick up. Some of us just don’t know how influential we are.
            If you were a rapper, or a singer, would you spend all of your time trying to promote a song that was terrible, or one that could be one of the world’s greatest hits? You see, I actually do music, and I’ve come to realize that it’s not always about who you are and what you do, but about the sound or quality of the music. This holds to be true in life. You may not come from a 2 parent home, had the best grades in school, or have been the most popular, but you can still turn out to be someone. Some of the world’s greatest music have been stories of struggle, and so have some of the world’s greatest people.

            So no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, if you let God pattern your steps to a steady rhythm, let the ambiance of your breath, and the reverb of your voice come together in perfect harmony. You can compose one of the greatest songs of all time.

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