Monday, November 3, 2014

Defining Moment--A. Dunn

         A defining moment is an event that impacts someone’s life. September 11, 2001 is a defining moment for the whole United States, where a birth of a child could be a defining moment for a family. Defining moments could be big or small, it all depends on what matters to a certain person. As for me I have lots of defining moments, but I have a top three. The top three defining moments of my lifetime are finding love, giving birth to my daughter, and graduating high school.
          Finding love is a big defining moment for me. Most people might not thing it would be a defining moment, but for me it is. Finding love has had an impact on my life because it has showed me the best things in life. I could not see myself being alone now that I have someone that truly loves me the way I am.
          Giving birth to my daughter is another defining in my life. Birth is a very common defining moment for some people, but why would not it be? Giving birth to my daughter impacted my life in tremendous ways. I have matured so much since having her. You kind of have to when you a responsible for another human being.
          As I was growing up, I was so ready to graduate. I faced a lot of obstacles along the way, but I did it. Graduating is definitely a defining moment in my life. When I got pregnant during my eleventh grade year people doubted me. I love proving people wrong and showing them I can overcome anything I want.

          Defining moments depends on the person. My defining moments are just the small things that happen in life. The small things can always have a big impact on a person. Another person’s defining moments might be on the national news or in a newspaper, but not mine. I’ll be just fine with the little things in my lifetime. 

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