Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bowling and pizza

The Honors students met for pizza and bowling last night.  There were some who were unable to attend due to sickness and work schedules, but those who were there had a GREAT time. 

We used our imaginations to figure out what to do in the absence of socks.  By putting heads together, we came up with a solution.

Keyonte claims he is not a great bowler, but he beat the rest of us pretty easily!  And that was AFTER playing two games of flag football!  We found out that Keyonte is the life of the party!!

We ate a lot of pizza!  Thanks to Mr. Gunnels for the food and bowling!

We visited and got to know each other a little better.  Some of the students already knew each other from high school, but not everyone had a past history.  So, we all got to spend some time bonding!

Megan Jackson, Tiffany Jamerson, and Jessica Humphries

Jessica Flannigan and Megan Jackson
 We enjoyed seeing the HUGE crowd of people bowling in the league play while we bowled.  We were impressed with the number of people and the quality of some of their bowling skills.

I look forward to the next time we are able to get together outside the classroom.  They are bright young people with phenomenal futures ahead of them!

During our class earlier this week, Jennifer Williams from the Financial Aid office came to share some information about financial aid rules and regulations.  Students need to have a clear understanding of what they need to do to keep their financial aid, how financial aid warning and suspension work, student loan debt, and consequences of dropping or failing courses.  Hopefully, this information session will keep the students from making uninformed decisions down the road!

Jennifer Williams
SAU Tech
Director of Financial Aid

 Bucket List papers are coming soon!!!

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