Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crumpler, Jessica

     Everyone says, “Life is too short, so make the most of it.” With this being said, most people make a bucket list. Some bucket lists are exotic, some extreme, some are simple. My bucket list will be categorized as simple.

          My number one item on my list is to have a healthy, loving family. While my family has already begun with Jaxxon, I want it to continue to flourish. I know in order to have a healthy family that there is a process. Education is first. I have already started on the journey to get my college degree, and I intend to get a Bachelors degree in Accounting. That little piece of paper can make the difference in seventy-thousand dollars a year and seven-thousand dollars a year. Getting that piece of paper is in my future. No doubt!

          The next step is to get a good job that accepts my degree and will pay me the respected amount that I believe I deserve for all the hard work I have put in and continue to put in. Some people get jobs that they hate because the job pays good. In my opinion, that makes it harder to get up and go to that job. I will need to research the job choices I have and see which ones will fit my personality. I hope that I can get a job in the field of my study that I enjoy and pays good.

          Marriage and children falls together in the last step. Many people have already met their significant other by the time college has ended. I hope that is the case for me, so I can begin my journey to being a wife. I have been planning my dream wedding for a long time. I would love to have my wedding outside on a nice, spring day, under a shade tree. I will be in a long flowing, form-fitting dress with a sweetheart neck line. If all does not go as planned, that is okay as long as the love of my life and I have a special day to remember. We will go on a luxurious honeymoon, maybe to Hawaii or stay curled up in a lodge in the mountains. As long as we are together, I am golden. I am already a mom, but after all the wedding and fun stuff gets over and life becomes boring, I would love to become a mom again. I have plans for at least three children, but if God gives me more or less, I will enjoy every minute of it.  

          By following this process, I can provide a house to hold all my children and husband. I can get at least two nice cars to transport my children. I will also have enough money to pay the bills and provide my children with the necessary materials and with materials that they want. I will be able to take my family on trips. I love the beach and maybe one day I can take my family, so they can enjoy it as much as I do. I would also like to take my family on a cruise. It is something I have never done and would love to do. Having a healthy and loving family is the most important item on my bucket list, and by following this process I can work hard now and enjoy my family later.

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