Monday, September 30, 2013

Flannigan, Jessica

           As young students, we look forward to graduating from high school and getting a job so we can live our lives. During high school years, we learn that being a high school graduate is not only an achievement, but the first step in becoming successful. Here is my bucket list journey to success.

            The first goal on my bucket list was to graduate high school. I did that May 17, 2013. So I can check that one off my list. The next goal is graduating from SAU Tech in 2015. From there, I will transfer to SAU in Magnolia and get accepted into the BSN program. I will then take the amount of hours BSN students need and graduate from SAU in Magnolia with a BSN degree.

            After having some experience in the nursing field, I am going to move to Texas and begin working at Baylor Hospital. While working, the love of my life that shares similar goals as me will find me, and we will get married. When the wedding is over, we will move into our lovely condo. After a year of marriage, we will begin our family. By the time our first child is born, we will move into a nice house in a gated community. My husband and I will raise our child to the best of our abilities, then try for another child and do the same.

            After having my last child, I will continue my duties a loving mother, supportive wife, and successful pediatric nurse practitioner. By the time I am 60, I will retire with my husband, and travel the world.

            When I retire and reflect over my life, I will realize how all my hard work and dedication I put into achieving my goals paid off.  I will enjoy my retirement being happy and fulfilled. My bucket list is my dream that is going to come true.

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