Thursday, September 19, 2013

Great start to the year!

We are off to a great start to the school year!  With this being the first year of the Honors Program at SAU Tech, we are working kinks out and figuring out how to best meet the needs of our Honors students.  There are a few things we are working on:

1.  The Honors Program students will be going out for pizza and bowling next week.  I'll post some pictures of us "trying" to bowl!  I look forward to some time outside the classroom with this great group just hanging out, bonding, and getting to know one another. Plans are in the works for some additional activities this year including Mulegating at SAU's Homecoming game and going to Crystal Bridges art museum in NW Arkansas. 

2.  While we don't yet have a large lounge (hopefully that will come next year), we do have an office that is dedicated to the Honors students.  The students are devising plans to make it an inviting space and are starting to utilize it for study space.  First priority?  Add color!!!!

3.  Students in Honors Seminar are almost finished with their Bucket List papers.  I will begin loading those to the blog in the next week or so.

I feel truly blessed to have the chance to work with this amazing group of students.  They will do great things in life!!!

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